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I am the author of sendmail, syslog, tset, trek, and several other programs.  I was co-founder of Sendmail, Inc. I am author of a few IETF RFCs. I started my career on the INGRES Relational Database Management System Project while a student at Berkeley, becoming the Lead Programmer there. I then moved to Britton Lee doing interfaces for one of the first database servers (which we called "database machines" because the name "client/server" hadn't become popular yet). I've also worked at The International Computer Science Institute on the Ring Array Processor Project for neural-net-based speech recognition and SQLstream doing streaming data analytics. I was co-founder (with Greg Olson) of Sendmail, Inc., one of the first "hybrid open source/commercial" companies. My latest gig is at the Swarm Lab at U.C. Berkeley working on the Global Data Plane, a data storage and transmission layer emphasizing security and scalability focusing on edge computing including large swarms of sensors and actuators (sometimes called the Internet of Things).

I'm a founding member of the Editorial Review Board of ACM Queue magazine. I'm on the board of the Hillside Club. Previously, I was Vice President and Treasurer of USENIX Association. a member of the ACM Council, and on the Board of Trustees for Cal Performances (but thankfully not all at once).

I am co-author of the O'Reilly book Sendmail. I've also written a chapter for The Architecture of Open Source Applications, and have authored many papers, articles, and columns, some of which are referenced above.

I was happily semi-retired for a while, but then (to my surprise) decided I wanted more social contact. After spending a career wishing that people would just go away and leave you alone so you could get some work done, it's quite a shock when they actually do it, and not nearly as pleasant as you might think.

During my semi-retirement I did manage to get re-engaged with hardware, playing with Arduino and other toys. I had been documenting those projects on my blog, but my blog software didn't survive my last system upgrade, so I'm trying to find a Plan B.

I'm the brother of Cat Allman and the husband of Kirk McKusick.

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